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An unemployed father of two put out a call for help on Twitter and within hours he received thousands of messages of support.

Edmund O’Leary, from South East England, tweeted on Friday night: “I am not ok. Feeling rock bottom. Please take a few seconds to say hello if you see this tweet. Thank you.”

Within minutes Twitter users from around the world were responding with messages of support and words of encouragement — including offers to help him with his CV, invitations for coffee, artwork from kids, pictures of pets and funny memes to cheer him up.

So beautiful. Sending you love & strength. ❤️My sister who passed away sends me butterflies to let me know she’s still with me. This particular one showed up on my birthday, and proceeded to climb up my arm and onto my face where it stayed for a long time while I cried. 🦋

— 🦇Feardalump (@ferdalump) October 17, 2020
In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.” Life can be hard for all of us at times, but overcoming challenges is what makes us stronger. Nothing worth having comes easy, so keep fighting! All the best mate x

— Brian Blessed Jr. (@simonsaysfukoff) October 19, 2020
O’Leary replied to many people expressing his gratitude — but has been unable to get back to them all.

His post received more than 76,000 comments.

Keep going, Edmund!

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